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Gulf Job Consultants in Delhi

Gulf Countries are attracting everyone due to their Prosperity and unique opportunities.
Due to its unique and endless resources, potential customers want to relocate to Gulf Countries and live a fancy lifestyle with a handsome salary. Due to its favourable financial condition, more and more new entrepreneurs will establish here. Gulf Nations have become new business centres. Nowadays, there are several Job Consultants in Delhi . Over the last few decades, Gulf Nations have witnessed a staggering growth. This place has become the centre for many ne3 businesses. Therefore there is a never-ending demand of the workforce. As the demand for staffing is increasing, it is resulting in the demand for job consultants. Job Consultants work as providing immigration advice or a service that they offer as a part of a recruitment package to our current client. Apart from this, they provide some value-added services as well.

Working process of Job Consultants in Delhi

Manpower Consultancies

After identifying the potential candidate, the next step is to arrange for a selection test. The Authorized Representatives are advised to take the test; it can be oral and written.

We conduct it with a panel of experts under the direct supervision of our professional executives. We have a strong database of various skilled and unskilled human resources across India. Though we have a strong database of candidates, we still give the advertisements for the required categories in various leading English and Hindi newspapers like; TOI, Hindustan Times Amar Ujala etc.

Providing Visa Assistance

The Job Consultants Provide in Delhi provide Visa Assistance as they have gained specialization in providing Visa. They give the fast services from starting to the end ; sometimes they even hand over before the overnight, accurately and professionally.

Medical Check-up

Gulf Job Consultants in Delhi have to follow all the immigration norms and regulations of several  Corporates. In these medical check-ups, we must ensure that the candidates are physically fit for the company. For assurity, we organize the medical camps we do some relevant tests. Through check-ups, we save unnecessary complications in foreign countries.

Once the candidate gets the medical certificate, the next is arranging.


Gulf Job Consultants in Delhi take all responsibility for the candidate. We have a large number of tie-ups with certain companies. We take charge of ticketing and the boarding process. We take care of everything for both the company and the candidate. We get the immigration certificate from the concerned government authorities for the candidate.

Orientation Program

After completing all paperwork and selecting the candidate before the departure of candidates, we conduct an orientation programme. In this orientation, programme candidates are familiarised with all aspects of the work culture, labour laws, safety issues and other relevant issues so that the candidate will take the minimum time to adjust to the work culture.

Gulf Job Consultants in Delhi work as intermediate. We try to satisfy the candidate fully with the customized package with the combination of best prices, services and information.

We try to make their trip a success by providing them tools and resources.

Employment Database Registration Service for Candidates

In simple language Employment Database Registration Service means providing alerts by calls with availability of jobs by taking service charge for 3 months /6 months/ 1 year

How do Gulf job Consultants in Delhi do this?

  1.  In all major spheres of employment, we are dedicated to providing a strong and excellent database for International Placements.
  2. We have an experienced team of International Industries staff members with extensive knowledge of Gulf Countries.
  3.  We make cordial relations with Airlines, Travel Agents and embassies, etc.
  4. We provide all the facilities right from the first service till last.
  5.  We effectively understand Manpower Procuring.


Nowadays, many fake Gulf Job Consultancies are running in India.

They cheat people by making them fool; therefore, many face many issues with this kind of fraud companies. Job seekers need to search and research a lot before accepting job offers from any consultants. People need to verify their license, work experience, address etc., before paying money in advance for any service charge, processing fee etc.

Once you have made any payment to them, it becomes difficult to get a refund. Before making any payment and getting your Visa, be extra alert about everything.

We are working as one of the best Gulf Job Consultants in Delhi. We at 7 Seas Business Solution try to shape the career of students by providing them best jobs in Gulf Countries. We were established in 2009 by Dr Naheed under the Ministry of External Affairs. We have become India’s most trusted and respected Recruitment Consultants in India.

We have been working for the last 10+ years and have helped shape the career of over 3,500 professionals. We aim to bring Manpower Consultants and different companies under a single roof so we can share their job openings in simpler ways.

We were hoping you could keep visiting our site so the new generation can explore the new opportunities. Thanks for reading the article, and best of luck in  future.